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Here you find a register of books and publications about creativity which are available on the english speaking market; since the english market is quite broad it is just a selection. If you are swift to look for a citation but just know the author, this reference list will certainly give you a hand.

The collection encompasses books specifically about creativity, creativ texhniques and ideas generation as well as literature of adjacent realms (eg. BrainGym, creativity games, innovation etc.).

Just a footnote: Before you're going to spend a fortune we recommend ordering an exemplar on approval - or being on the lookout for an internet review. The market meanwhile is flooded with creativity books - whereas the quality vastly differs. The highlighted books we can wholeheartedly approve ... which means: we are cocksure you will enjoy them. Have a go!

Since this area is new - and in a way ongoingly under construction - we strongly appreciate ...
* your patience
* any kind of comments
* as well as further suggestions.

Bit by bit the links to the page "food for thoughts" will be established. If you are already on the lookout for a specific book please let us know, we might be able to show you a shortcut.

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Alder, Harry: Boost your creative intelligence - powerful ways to improve your creativity quotient. 2002

Allison, Kay: Secrets from the innovation room - How to Create High-Voltage Ideas That Make Money, Win Business, and Outwit the Competition. 2004

Ayan, Jordan: Aha - 10 ways to free your creative spirit and find your great ideas. New York 1997

Boden, Margaret: Dimensions of creativity. Cambridge 1994

Bono, Edward de: How to have a beautiful mind. 1992

Bono, Edward de: Lateral thinking.

Bono, Edward de: Lateral thinking for management.

Bono, Edward de: Parallel thinking.

Bono, Edward de: Po: Beyond yes and no.

Bono, Edward de: Practical thinking.

Bono, Edward de: Serious creativity. 1992

Bono, Edward de: Six thinking hats. London 1990

Bono, Edward de: The 5-day course in thinking.

Bono, Edward de: The mechanism of mind.

Bono, Edward de: The use of lateral thinking. Middlesex 1977

Bono, Edward de: Thinking course. London 2004

Bono, Edward de: Thinking for the new millenium.

Boulden, George: Thinking creatively. New York 2002

Buzan, Tony: The power of creative intelligence. London 2001

Buzan, Tony: Use your head. London 1982

Cameron, Julia: Sound of Paper - Inspiration and practical guidance for starting the creative process. 2006

Cameron, Julia: The artist's way - a course in discovering and recovering your creative self.

Collier, Lindsay: Get out of your thinking box: 365 ways to brighten your life and enhance your creativity. San Francisco 1994

Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly: Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention. 1997

Davenport, Thomas / Prusak, Laurence: What's the big idea. 2003

Davis, Gary: Creativity is forever. Dubuque 1998

DeGraff, Jeff / Lawrence, Katherine: Creativity at work - Developing the right practices to make innovation happen. 2002

DeMain, Bill: In Their Own Words: Songwriters Talk about the Creative Process. 2004

Dilts, Robert / Eppstein, Todd / Dilts Robert W.: Tools for dreamers. 1991

Earls, M.: The Welcome to the creative age - Bananas, business, and the death of marketing. 2002

Epstein, Robert: The big book of creativity games. New York 2000

Falconar Ted: Creative Intelligence and Self Liberation: Korzybski, Non-Aristotelian Thinking and Eastern Realization. 2000

Foster, Jack / Corby, Larry: How to get ideas. San Francisco 1996

Foster, Richard / Kaplan, Sarah: Creative Destruction - From built-to-last to built-to-perform. 2001

Fox, J. Michael / Fox, Ronni L.: Exploring the nature of creativity. Dubuque 2000

Gardner, Howard: Frames of mind. The theory of multiple intelligence. 1985

Gelb, Michael: How to think like Leonardo da Vinci. New York 1998

Goleman, Daniel: Emotional intelligence. New York 1995

Gordon, William J.J.: Synectics. New York 1961

Grand, Steve: Creation - life and how to make it. London 2000

Gregory, Danny: The Creative License: Giving Yourself Permission to Be the Artist You Truly Are. 2006

Guilford, J. Paul: Way beyond the IQ. Buffalo 1977

Herrmann, Ned: The whole brain business book. 1996

Isaksen, Scott: Facilitative leadership: Making a difference with creative problem solving. Dubuque 2000

Isaksen, Scott / Dorval, K. Brian / Treffinger, Donald: Creative approaches to problem solving: A framework for change. Williamsville 2000

Isaksen, Scott / Murdock, Mary / Firestien, Roger / Treffinger, Donald: The emergence of a discipline: Understanding and recognizing creativity. Norwood 1993

Jackson, Michael: Systems Thinking: Creative Holism for Managers. 2003

Jay, Ros: The ultimate book of business creativity: 50 great thinking tools for transforming your business. Oxford 2000

Keller-Mathers, Susan / Puccio, Kristin: Big tools for young thinkers: Using creative problem solving tools with primary students. Waco, TX 2000

Kelley, Tom / Kelley, Thomas: The Art of Innovation: Lessons in Creativity from Ideo, America's Leading Design Firm. 2001

Kinsey Goman, Carol: Creativity in business. Los Altos 1989

Kotler, Philip / Trias de Bes, Fernando: Lateral marketing - new techniques for finding breakthrough ideas. 2003

Kriegel, Robert / Brand, David: Sacred cows make the best burgers.

Lessig, Lawrence: Free Culture: The Nature and Future of Creativity. 2005

Levine, Mel: A mind at a time. New York 2002

Lewis, Gareth: Successful creativity in a week. Corby 1999

Lotherington, Wayne: Flicking Your Creative Switch - Developing Brighter Ideas for Business. 2003

Lowe, Phil: Creativity and problem solving. New York 1995

MacKinnon, Donald: In search of human effectiveness: Identifying and developing creativity. Buffalo 1978

Mauzy, Jeff: Creativity, Inc! - Building an inventive organization. 2003

McCoy, Charles: Why didn't I think of that?: Think the unthinkable and achieve creative greatness. 2002

McLeod, Fiona / Thomson, Richard: Non-stop creativity and innovation. Berkshire 2002

Michalko, Michael: Creacking creativity. Berkeley 2001

Michalko, Michael: Thinkertoys. Berkeley 1991

Miller, Arthur: Insights of Genius - Imagery and Creativity in Science and Art. 1996

Monahan, Tom: The do-it-yourself lobotomy - open your mind to greater creative thinking. 2002

Nalebuff, Barry / Ayres, Ian: Why not? - How to use everyday ingenuity to solve problems big and small. 2003

Oech, Roger van: A whack on the side of the head. New York 1992

Osborn, Alex: Applied imagination: Principles and procedures of creative problem-solving. New York 1953

Parnes, Sidney: Source book for creative problem solving: A fifty year digest of proven innovation processes. Buffalo 1992

Parnes, Sidney / Harding, Harold: A source book for creative thinking. New York 1962

Perkins, David: The art and logic of breakthrough thinking. New York 2000

Peters, Tom: Re-Imagine! 2004

Prince, George: The practice of creativity. New York 1970

Ramachandran, Vilayanur: The emerging mind. London 2003

Rowe, Alan: Creative Intelligence. Discovering the Innovative Potential in Ourselves and Others. 2004

Runco, Mark: Problem finding, problem solving, and creativity. Norwood 1994

Savant, Marylin vos / Fleischer, Leonore: Brainbuilding. New York 1990

Schwartz, Even: Juice - the creative fuel that drives world-class investors. 2004.

Sherwood, Dennis: Smart things to know about innovation and creativity. 2001

Simon, Ray: Mischief marketing: How the rich, famous & successfull really got their careers and business going. 2000

Tennant, Geoff: TRIZ for Six Sigma. Bristol 2003

Torrance, E. Paul: Guiding Creative Talent. Prentice Hall 1962

Torrance, E. Paul: Why fly? A philosophy of creativity. Greenwich 1995

Torrance, E. Paul / Myers, Robert: Creative learning and teaching. New York 1970

Townsend, John / Favier, Jaques: The creative manager's pocketbook. Alresford 1991

Vance, Mike / Deacon, Diane: Think out of the box. Franklin Lakes 1998

Van Gundy, A.: Techniques of structured problem solving. New York 1981

Warmke, Clare: Idea revolution. Cincinnatti 2003

Wierzbicki, Andrzej / Nakamori, Yoshiteru: Creative Space - Models of Creative Processes for the Knowledge Civilization Age. 2005

Wujec, Tom: Five star mind. Toronto 1995

Wujec, Tom: Pumping ions - games and exercises to flex your mind. New York 1988

Wujec, Tom: Return on imagination. Toronto 2002

Wycoff, Joyce: Mindmapping. Your personal guide to creativity and problem solving. New York 1991

Wycoff, Joyce / Richardson, Tim: Transformation thinking: Tools and techniques that open the door to powerful new thinking for every member of your organization. New York 1995

Yep, Dorothy: Creativity at work. Burr Ridge 1994

Young, James: A technique for producing ideas. 2003

Zelinski, Ernie: The joy of thinking big. Berkeley 1998

Further information about (almost) any english book written in the greater area of creativity you may find at CBIR - a unique web database of creativity literature. In addition you may find there a vast number of articles as well as unpublished thesis' about creativity. Quite some ride.