Intentions ...

You are researcher and on the lookout for "la derniere crie" in creativity: Please follow this path to the Research project.

You are "practitioner" and need just THE one word, THE one explanation you've been looking for for ages: In the Knowledge Base you'll find it - guaranteed.

You are involved in creativity in your job and like to ramp up your tool & method inventory: There ain't nothing, what you could not find in the Toolbox.

You are standing on the "brain weighing machine" und are thinking "well, some exercise would do it": S'il vous plaits, here you may find your personal Brain Gym - Cre-inter-active.

You are just curious und and like to get a whiff of the world of creativity: Voila, the Community welcomes you.

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Area  For your eyes only  What you will find here:  
Contemporary issues   What is newsworthy in the world of creativity? 
Dot on the i   Wrights, backgrounds - and the read thread of this site 
Research project   WHAT and WHERE is creativity - become an explorer 
Knowledge Base   Topics worth knowing, interesting and stimulating, how to practically apply creativity 
Toolbox   Methods, tools and exercises for problem solving and ideas generation 
Cre-inter-active   Brainteasers & more - send your brain-in-the-gym 
Community   Meet the creative world - live: local, supra-regional, global 
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However, though the pictures may speak for themselves - please bear in mind that the site is German only.
We appologize for any inconvenience this might cause - and would like to know, how we could be of assistance.


Well, "German only" is actually not entirely true!

As of January 2006 we started some first services in English ... which are:
* Food for thoughts: Each month you'll find a new book review about outstanding creativity literature - come in and find out what's in there for you.
* Citations: A newly opened list of selected english creativity literature in alphabetical order.

Please take a look on these first services available in english and let us know whether ...
... this was helpful for you,
... you'd like to see more of this,
... you have additional hints about worthwhile books.

Thank you very much!